Tempus Project: 530401-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-ES-TEMPUS-SMHES
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WP.3.- DEV-Development of partnerships with enterprises

A3.1. To strengthen LLL/continuing education offices to serve as the first contact point for university – enterprise cooperation

A3.2. To obtain information from local authorities, professional associations and enterprises the real and specific demand for LLL education in each PC.

A3.3. To motivate the enterprises to acquire skills and take part in the LLL strategy, creating a framework of effective marketing of skills acquisition and LLL products and services.

A3.4.To set an efficient network with private and public professional associations in order to enhance the qualifications of the professionals.

A3.5. To design LLL curricula tailored to the needs of professionals of the PC.

A3.6. To create a framework for the effective marketing of skill acquisition/LLL products and services