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EU-MILL participation in LOGIC event

EU-MILL project have been invited to participate in the workshop Capacity Building for LLL Centre&Teaching Staff organized by the project Tempus LOGIC (http://www.project-logic.eu) from October 5th to 7th at University of Alicante in Spain.

The LOGIC Project aims to implement the lifelong learning Concept in Southern Neighbouring Area, enhancing the capacities of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in offering Lifelong Learning (LLL) courses in line with labour market needs, while promoting at the same time the development of a quality&accreditation framework for LLL in three out the four South Mediterranean country EU-MILL is currently working: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This coincidence in common objectives and target population makes the cooperation between both projects desirable and fruitful.

The meeting counted with the presence of prof. Dr. Mariano Aguayo, Deputy Director of the Lifelong Learning Center at University of Seville, in representation of the EU-MILL project.

Prof. Aguayo shared the experience and achievements of the three-year lifetime of the EU-MILL project with the participants of the meeting of this young project. This event was a good opportunity to exchange practices, knowledge, good practices, common challenges or strategies.

We are extremely satisfied of this collaboration and we look forward to further cooperation with LOGIC.

University-Enterprise Meeting in Tangier


One of the most important objectives of the EU-MILL project is promoting the exchanges between university and enterprise with aim establishing synergies between the enterprises’ needs and the Lifelong Learning offer, and encouraging legal changes promoting positive exchange perspective.

Within this context a University-enterprise have taken place in Tangier under the coordination of University Abdelmalek Essaadi (Tangier) and University Mohammed V (Rabat). This conference is the third one of this type celebrated on the framework of EU-MILL project of the ones in Tunisia in the cities of Gabes and Sousse.

This meeting counted among others with the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, such as General Director Mr. Abdelillah Afifi; the President of universities Abdelmalek Essaadi and Mohammed V, Mr. Ameziane Houdaifa and Saaid Amzazi; the president of the Tangier Chamber of Commerce for the Industrial sector, Mr.Omar Moro, as well as representatives from the socioeconomic sector of the highly productive Tangier area.

From the EU-MILL project there were present members from both Moroccan partner universities and from the University of Seville, Mr. Mariano Aguayo (EU-MILL coordination team) and Mr. Enrique Lara, Director of the International Center..

Summarizing, the seminar celebrated in Tangier succeed in bringing together representatives from the universities, executives from the socio-economic field and political decision-makers. We look forward to see the progress of this relation in the following moths.


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EU MILL meeting in Djerba

The VI meeting of the EU-MILL (Euro-Mediterranean Integration through Lifelong Learning) took place in Djerba, Tunisia, on 27-29 April 2015, counting with an attendance of 32 delegates.

Under the joint organization of the University of Gabès (host institution) and the University of Seville (EU-MILL project Coordinator) the meeting serve to disseminate the intermediate results of the project, organize the remaining activities and to have an important first contact with south Mediterranean (SM) partners ministries.

Among the partner universities and Maghrebian office of the Francophone University Association, this meeting counted with the presence of four representatives from the education and research ministries of Tunia, Lebanon and Morocco what allowed us to inform directly about the project progresses and listen to the local situation and projects in process on Lifelong learning. The presence of Ministeries representatives favored us to have bilateral meetings between them and the coordination team to be able to know better the singularities of every partner country.

On this meeting we had in-depth presentations of Work packages (WPs) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, having a round-table with representatives of the ministries (WPs 10 and 11) and completing the meeting celebrating a Stering Committee and a Monitoring Committee.

To sum up, the Djerba meeting has been a great success, taking advantage of the opportunity to progress in our project and continuing our fruitful discussion not only within the community of the partnership, but also the south Mediterranean societies through their political representatives.



The EU-MILL coordination team wishes to express its solidarity and friendship to our Tunisian partners from Sousse and Gabès Universities, to the Tunisian people and all of the victims of the terrible terrorist attack on the Tunisian Parliament and Bardo Museum yesterday 18/03/2015.


Today we all feel Tunisian.

University-entreprise meeting at Gabes University


Last Thursday October the 9th the first University-Entreprise meeting took place in the University of Gabes (Tunisia).


These Seminars will also take place in all the EU-MILL south Mediterranean partner countries (Morocco, Algeria and Lebanon) in the framework of the Workpackage 3 of our project. Under the coordination of the Abdelmalek Essadi University in Tangier (Morocco), the aim of these meetings is to bring closer the lifelong learning activities promoted by the Higher Education Insititutions and the needs of the companies, setting up positives synergies that will benefit the local socio-economic tissue.


The seminar celebrated in Gabes succeed in bringing together representatives from several universities in Tunisia and elsewhere, executives from the socio-economic field and political decision-makers, giving an excellent kick off to the University-Entreprise partnership.



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