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EU-MILL participation in LOGIC event

EU-MILL project have been invited to participate in the workshop Capacity Building for LLL Centre&Teaching Staff organized by the project Tempus LOGIC (http://www.project-logic.eu) from October 5th to 7th at University of Alicante in Spain.

The LOGIC Project aims to implement the lifelong learning Concept in Southern Neighbouring Area, enhancing the capacities of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in offering Lifelong Learning (LLL) courses in line with labour market needs, while promoting at the same time the development of a quality&accreditation framework for LLL in three out the four South Mediterranean country EU-MILL is currently working: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This coincidence in common objectives and target population makes the cooperation between both projects desirable and fruitful.

The meeting counted with the presence of prof. Dr. Mariano Aguayo, Deputy Director of the Lifelong Learning Center at University of Seville, in representation of the EU-MILL project.

Prof. Aguayo shared the experience and achievements of the three-year lifetime of the EU-MILL project with the participants of the meeting of this young project. This event was a good opportunity to exchange practices, knowledge, good practices, common challenges or strategies.

We are extremely satisfied of this collaboration and we look forward to further cooperation with LOGIC.


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