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EU MILL meeting in Djerba

The VI meeting of the EU-MILL (Euro-Mediterranean Integration through Lifelong Learning) took place in Djerba, Tunisia, on 27-29 April 2015, counting with an attendance of 32 delegates.

Under the joint organization of the University of Gabès (host institution) and the University of Seville (EU-MILL project Coordinator) the meeting serve to disseminate the intermediate results of the project, organize the remaining activities and to have an important first contact with south Mediterranean (SM) partners ministries.

Among the partner universities and Maghrebian office of the Francophone University Association, this meeting counted with the presence of four representatives from the education and research ministries of Tunia, Lebanon and Morocco what allowed us to inform directly about the project progresses and listen to the local situation and projects in process on Lifelong learning. The presence of Ministeries representatives favored us to have bilateral meetings between them and the coordination team to be able to know better the singularities of every partner country.

On this meeting we had in-depth presentations of Work packages (WPs) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, having a round-table with representatives of the ministries (WPs 10 and 11) and completing the meeting celebrating a Stering Committee and a Monitoring Committee.

To sum up, the Djerba meeting has been a great success, taking advantage of the opportunity to progress in our project and continuing our fruitful discussion not only within the community of the partnership, but also the south Mediterranean societies through their political representatives.



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