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Tempus Programme

logo-tempusTEMPUS est un programme de l'Union européenne qui soutient la modernisation de l'enseignement supérieur dans la région environnante de l'UE. Tempus encourage la coopération institutionnelle qui implique l'Union européenne et les pays partenaires et met l'accent sur la réforme et la modernisation des systèmes d'enseignement supérieur dans les pays partenaires d'Europe orientale, d'Asie centrale, des Balkans occidentaux et de la région méditerranéenne.

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Ce projet comprend 3 établissements d'enseignement supérieur européens et 8 établissements d'enseignement supérieur PC dans le Pays voisins au Sud (SCN), ainsi que des représentants des étudiants (AISEC & ESTIEM), association de professionnels (cadres Forum Tanger) et l'Union des femmes Moroccian.

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Dernières Nouvelles


    EU-MILL project Final Conference of EU-MILL has taken place at University Mohammed V Rabat from March 30th to April 1st 2016. EU-MILL members are really grateful for the great job accomplished by the local team of University Mohammed V Rabat, coordinated by profs. Karim Filali-Maltouf, Asma Msougar and Mustapha El-Idrissi, for the local organization of the Conference.

    On this meeting, essential to make the final dissemination of the Project results, we counted with the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco, Mr. Lahcen Daoudi, the President of University Mohammed V Rabat, Prof Saaid Amzazi as well as the Presidents of both Tunisian universities, prof. Mohammed Mars from University of Gabès and Prof. Faysal Mansouri from University of Sousse.

    At the same time representatives from the Ministries of Education or Higher Education of all South Mediterranean partner countries participated in the sessions of the conference aimed to present the main results and conclusions of the different work-packages. Moreover, they participated in a round-table about the project's achievements and its impact on the education system. Among other it can be highlighted the presence Mr. Boukezzata Djamel, Director for Higher Education in Algeria; Mr. Bouhafs Mahmoud Chargé de mission of the Minister's cabinet in Tunisia, Mr. Khalife Adel from Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon and three representatives from Morocco’s Direction of Higher Education and Pedagogical development: Mrs. Benaich Souad (Head of Area), Mrs. Laayouni Loubna (Head of Department) and Errougui Abdelkbir (Head of Department).

    During these three days there were presented the results of the Project in front of a wide audience of partners, university members, stake-holders, associations’ representatives or the head of Lifelong learning or Continuing Education Centers.

    It can be concluded that EU-MILL Project has been relevant to create a Lifelong learning culture on the region, to promote the technologies necessaries to go along with this process, to implicate decision-makers and relevant actors from the socio-economic field. The first steps are completed and we are looking forward to seeing a wider impact on the future years after removing all the remaining barriers, we are satisfied to count with all the relevant actors in our path. EU-MILL partners are strongly committed with this future.


    EU-MILL corsortium with the President of University Mohammed V, prof. Saaid Amzazi


    Morocco's Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Professional training, Mr. Lahcen Daoudi, with EU-MILL coordinator, prof. Encarnación Mellado, at the Conference Opening Session

  • EU-MILL's Final Conference in Rabat

  • University-Enterprise meetings reports

    As structural measure project, EU-MiLL is willing to create an impact on the societies where is implemented. One of the strategical actions developed have been the meetings University-enterprise disseminated all along the territories of our South Mediterranean partner countries. 

    These meetings have been a success with a big presence of stakeholders, enterprises, Chamber of Commerce and political representation. 

    Now you can find available on the "report" section of our web site a report of every single meeting in English and French


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